Monday, October 12, 2009

Sahur On The Road

me and my boyf's friend got a 'project' during Ramadhan. he asked for permission to my dad,and my dad allowed me to join!! [he came to my house with 3 friends,just for asking permission!!!!] it was tiring,but fun!! i was happy to help them gave foods for people who needed.

Monas, August 1 2009

Short Semester

my friend brought camera,and my model instinc got out of my body!!haaha

i asked my lecturer to pose with us!! guess which one??

[not actual date]

Monday, October 5, 2009

After Fasting

waited for the me and my friend took this picture on the rooftop..

Barito Park

1. did some shopping
2. ate Padang foods
3. took pictures with my friends and my bf..

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009


i came to my classmates' soccer as the supporter!!

we won!!!!

Kak Suri's Wedding

me and my silly boyfriend....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Girls' Day Out

girls day out...
my friend, dee, wanted to go back to KL. so, we decided to meet at my friend's house.

i'll miss you..

I'm In Love With Skirt

i'm going to have a new nickname : girl in shirt!!!
[ i don't know what i'm saying...]

well,just look and give opinion...
i was waiting for my lecturer....then, i played with the camera phone...
all of my friends laughed at me when i tried to pose.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ring Necklace

i made this big necklace inspired by someone on i made it long time a go.. and every people who saw me, stared at me like i wore something wrong!!!

Ripped It!

i ripped my jeans!!! and in the morning when i wore this jeans my mom said ,"Oh,My God!!!Please sew the jeans back!!"


Monday, June 1, 2009


i've promised you to announced my new weight....but'i did something wrong and i just lost 5 kgs!!

hahahaha...i'll fix it as soon as possible...


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kinda Miss My Childhood

I'm Addicted to AGYNESS DEYN!!

i really loves her style!! quircky,stands out,creative!!! maybe colorful is her middle name!!!hahahahaha

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


1. become tinier
2. get a job appropriate to my passion
3. lace legging ( i don't have any...hiks..)
4. ankle boots
5. blackberry..haha
6. digital camera (nuts!! i'm a blogger but i don't have one)
7. ......

February 21, 2009

these pictures were taken at Ancol, North Jakarta...i was the model, and my boyfriend was the photographer.. we celebrated our 9th month at the beach... oooouuuu...i was was so hot..of course..i was tired but also happy....

here we go:

Monday, February 16, 2009


i'm sorry for my late-update blog. because i don't have any time to post. Soooooo,, everytime i update my blog, i'll post lots of fashion thank's for the comment...enjoy!!!


Give Me Suggestion, Please

you all know that my body is not the slim and the thin one.sometimes i try to ignore it. but sometimes it really bothers me. i can't buy any outfits that i want, everybody makes me as a joke (although they don't mean it), my mom said that it will hard to find a job with this body,etc. there are so many reasons that makes me want to lose some weight.

i give it 3 months from now..and i hope you can give suggestion for me...and i'll give you the result on May 30....


Blue Loves Pink

Back To The 80's

sorry for my big hand!!!!hope it doesn't bother you..hahahhaahaha


Happy Day

Fun Colors

Glow In The Dark

Cleaning Time

i've just cleaned up my bedroom and it became messy just in 2 weeks!! my sister got crazy when she entered my room..hehe

this is my bedroom :


Red and Flowers

another stuff that i found in my closet...the mini dress is my dress when i was in elementary school and i don't know why it still fits!!!hahaha..i have the blue one but i couldn't find it.
ooooooo.......what do you think?? i feel younger..haha

I Am A Parent's Stuff Stealer

my father was angry when i stole that shirt because it's the expensive one and i revamped it..hehehe..

and..............the bag is my mother's!!hahahhaahhaa(again and again..)

D-I-Y Tie Dye

huhuuuuu....another stuff from my closet...[i suggest you to clean up your wardrobe, and you'll find treasure of fashion..hihi]. my room became messy after all..

Another Weirdo

i found that pants (for real, it's a jumpsuit) at Pasar Senen. But there's a mistake in my body which is too big [hahahaha] so it isn't fit..=p so, i did some magic on it...dadadadam,,in a few second it became a pants..

Sequins Headband

i bought this sequins chains and didn't know what to do [still]. so, i tried to wear it as a hedband.....

what do you think???my mom and dad will say i'm crazy if i wear this!!!! it's true!!

D-I-Y Statement Necklace

inspired by dianarikasari, i tried to make my own stat necklace...oooo,i know...mine isn't good as hers. it's just my trial..hehehe.well, i 'll try a different one next day.the beads were little bit expensive. poor me..hikz

here we go:

sorry for the less quality of the picture.....


i wore this outfit to campus and you know what? everybody starred at me. they thought i was one of the lecturer (i guessed)...

or, weird!

Warung Pasta, Kemang

after doing all of college business, i went to Kemang with my cousin. i really hate weekend!!! it always makes me crazy because of its traffic jam! after 2 hours (i was so hungry because i haven't eaten anything), we stopped at "Warung Pasta". i love it!!! there were so many [of course] pasta and fatty foods!!!hahahaha. you know what? i didn't feel full after all that dinner...hihihi

this was the outfit that i wore :

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Black and Gold

Having lunch time together with my bffs on January 18....and i tried not to wear colorful things. just black and gold...i know it's not so me.but,i felt tinier..hehehehe
exactly my shoes are soooo shiny..i love makes me get the attention..haha

Happy New Year (Late for 21 days)

sorry for my boring blog... i haven't updated this blog because i don't have any post to write..of course, i didn't have any time to post..

these are my pictures with my friends on happy new year's party!!!!!! we have rooftop sorry that i couldn't join my boyfriend's party...sigh..too bad.[i thought he was happy that i didn't with him...hahaha]
and there were some accident when we play the fireworks.the fireworks exploded everywhere and made all the people there got feet hurt but didn't get much.