Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Black and Gold

Having lunch time together with my bffs on January 18....and i tried not to wear colorful things. just black and gold...i know it's not so me.but,i felt tinier..hehehehe
exactly my shoes are soooo shiny..i love makes me get the attention..haha

Happy New Year (Late for 21 days)

sorry for my boring blog... i haven't updated this blog because i don't have any post to write..of course, i didn't have any time to post..

these are my pictures with my friends on happy new year's party!!!!!! we have rooftop sorry that i couldn't join my boyfriend's party...sigh..too bad.[i thought he was happy that i didn't with him...hahaha]
and there were some accident when we play the fireworks.the fireworks exploded everywhere and made all the people there got feet hurt but didn't get much.