Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rip and Rip

i did this when i was finishing my revision at the library..yuhuuuu..


yesterday i met my boyf and his friends to Ngabuburit together. we went to KFC to buy some sweets to open the fasting. we brought RPL (Risol, Pastel, Lontong). but unfortunately, we can't brought food that we bought from other place in KFC. so we put those things on the plate and cover them with tissue works!! everytime the waiter come, we pretend that nothing happened..
then we drive around Jakarta to find place to eat. we chose Benhil. well, it was a good place to find delicious food. foods are all around.
But there was a bad news. After we ate, my friend realized that his money was gone!! hmmph..maybe it fell when he paid the food at KFC.
but it was fun after all..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just Trust Me, Dear

trust me beib..i never want to hurt you..
just trust me..
love you..


i loooooooveee cats soooo much!! i have 4 cats in my house
they always there when i'm sad, happy, bored.
ooh,so cute!

4 Days Stories

yaaaayyy...i passed my campus assignment! happy, excited, crazy, laugh...
i've decided to go everywhere i want after my sucks-boring assignment..
so, 4 days after that, i hung out, met people, had fun..
wow! tired, but happy..

this is my campus project which has to many revision..LOL
this was the first day :
i went to meet my bff at Grand Indonesia..and accidentaly, one of my friend celebrated her birthday, which meant free lunch!! haha..
we ate at Mr.Park and Red Mango..such a guilty pleasure..hmm

on day two :
i met my boyfie..he cooked me a very hot hot hot chili sauce!!! boyf is such a good chef..haha

soo traditional..but i swear! it was hot hot hot.and my lips became soooo thick and red..

on day 3 :
i met my boyf and his friends..but too bad,,i don't have any picture of it. we do triple date and they took me was a long trip.

on day 4:
i went to Taman Makam Pahlawan Nasional Kalibata to visit my "grandpa's rest place"..
oohh..i miss him so much.
it looks creepy....hoooo

and after that, my body becomes ill. went out in the morning and went home at night..met the rain, the crowded bus, the windy air, met the hot hot body couldn't stand on them.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Girls' Chit Chat

having late lunch @ Plaza Semanggi.....


it happened on July, 21 2010.. i had an event on Balai Sarbini with my campus friends. the event is called Liputan 6 award. as usual, i texted my boyfie that i wanted to go there. but just a moment i arrived at Balai Sarbini, my boyfie and his friends shouted calling my name..then they kidnapped me. then we went to Bogor, met my boyf's parents..haha..
although i didn't get Rp 50.000,- , i got a great time....
and we just realized that on that it's our anniversary..
happy 2 years 2 months baby....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


it's really hard to say that i rarely update my blog.. yes, i have laptop now, i have camera phone now, but i don't have any modem... *sigh* and the wi-fi on my campus is on-off all the time..

so sorry for this trouble,,

Monday, June 21, 2010


I'm Back!

sorry for not updating my blog for loooooong time...
i'm too lazy to do that..

now i'm doing my almost-last-semester project!! :)
so i'm really busy and have no time to take lots of pictures of me..*sigh

but,i'll try to post as many posting as i can..

havva nice day!!